Saturday, November 3, 2012


Its been a while. A long damn while. I've had my head in the dirt. Grinding away at edits. Then copy edits. The first pass and the second pass is done for the first novel, DONNYBROOK. As well as blurbs for this brutal read.

It'll be out on March 5th 2013. Its ready for pre-order at your local indie store, B&N or Amazon or whomever sells books. Where will I be going to support the book, no idea. But I'll be out there again.

I've also been writing some non-fiction, which should be out this year and next, can't say where. But there are a few links below to a piece I did for the NYTimes earlier this year and the Courier Journal. I got interviewed by Carrie Gaffney for Kentucky Monthly. Wrote a short story for the October issue of Louisville Magazine, finished a roughdraft on a screenplay and I'm still holding down the day job. Writing my next two books. I really appreciate eveyone's kind words and generous support. Means the world to me.
I noticed a few people had read the book and needed to contact me about possible interviews, you can do so through my agent, Stacia Decker at the Donald Maass Agency ( or contact me on facebook or twitter (houseofgrit). I've nothing else to say other than I hope all of my friends in the east are okay.

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