Sunday, April 8, 2012

Busy & Making New Kin

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The past few months have been busy with travel. I met a cool SOB named Lou ( )
his crew, Ken (who edits and runs ) Kevin whom teaches at Indy University and is a writer, Maurice whom I missed this last time around and a lot of kick ass males and females. These cats run a great little place called Second Story (, hosting writers and other events to help give back to the community. Had a blast there. I met up with a great musician in Lexington, Kentucky namedTyler Childers, check him out on itunes. If you dig guys like Chris Knight, Tyler is right up your area of listening. But he showed up for my reading at Joseph Beth Booksellers. My best bud Rod ( also showed up. On this last visit to Indy I was invited to read at the University of Indianapolis by Kevin A. McKelvey & the lovely Elizabeth Weber. Met a great group of students & people, Bob, Eden, Matt, and CJ Edwards, to name a few. Hooked up with Lou, Ken, Kevin, a kick ass chic who read with me at The Second Story reading in February and a name I can't remember, I do apologize mam, and Ryan ( )who has been filming my Indy readings:
I was invited to Franklin College as well in February by Micah Ling, read to her students and answered a lot of questions, then hung out with a Daniel and an up and coming writer by the name of Steven Woods(

To say the least I've been busy, holding down the day gig, working on two other projects, awaiting edits for DONNYBROOK and trying to keep my head above water. I also met up with B.Anthony Brown this week, a Hoosier native who came in to visit his folks, good guy, appreciate the bonding bud!

I'll be in St.Louis on the 18th of April for this gig:

And hanging out with a great group of writers.


  1. Frank, I just finished your collection. Really really dug it.
    I'm a native Hoosier from where crimes in northern Indiana happen -- Gary -- who now lives in New York. When you get out here look me up and I'll buy you a double shot of Beam. Or a small green salad, your call.
    Keep on hittin' them keys,

  2. Frank,
    How's it going. After nearly 8 years of writing i went to my first writer's conference. One of my teacher's said my writing is similar to yours (mine being the poor man's version), gave me your book and said I could learn from you. She's right. I like your work. Very powerful. Sometimes I only read one a day because it's so strong. In my opinion, you got slow sippin' writing. Great stuff! I'm on this blogspot too at If you go on it, check out the first story called 'Endurance' yet passed that they need a lot of revising and editing.
    I'm really glad that my teacher turned me onto your stuff. I look forward to reading more of your work. Do you plan on coming out to California? I hope so. Take care and tien dura, Frank. -Onward,

  3. Bonjour Frank,

    I just finished your CISI stories and would like to write about it in a next issue of the french magazine "éléments" which will include an article about "backwoods noir". I have a few questions for you and would be happy if you could contact me. Waiting eagerly for your second piece of writing ! Regards - Pierric Guittaut -

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