Sunday, November 13, 2011

I've Been Everywhere Man

Since September I've been traveling. I attended Bouchercon In St.Louis. Hung out with and met many a good people like Daniel Woodrell, Katie Estill, John Rector, Christa Faust, Reed Farrel Coleman, Peter Farris, Benjamin Whitmer, Jed Ayres, Keith Rawson, Cam, Jimmy the Worm, Matt Funk, Matt McBride, Scott Montgomery, Rod and Judy Wiethop, Stacia Decker and her husband Matt, Jonathan Woods, Megan Abbott and many many more. Traveled to Indy for a reading at the Irving Theater and read with Victoria Barrett and shot the shit with her husband/writer Andrew Scott . In October I traveled to Dearborn, Michigan for the Gliba trade show met writers Benjamin Busch & Jason Karlawish and spoke for a few seconds to Daniel Ames author of Feasting at the Table of the Damned. Signed books for 80 or 90 indie bookstores and shook many and spoke with some great bookstore owners. Went to Austin, Texas for the Texas Book Festival met and hung out with Craig Johnson and his lovely wife as well as Ray Wylie Hubbard and his wife Judy and the outstanding Harry Hunsicker. Shared drinks with Daniel Woodrell, Rod Wiethop, Craig Johnson (who by the way is one funny and cool rockin' SOB!!), Scott Montgomery, Michael and Buffy Crutchley (Mike has the stories on the dead and dumb shit that get people killed). But also had a panel with Daniel Woodrell, Donald Ray Pollock and Bruce Machart. Came back to Corydon, Indiana for a reading at the Artisan Center for Larry and Ran (great group of artists, keep kickin' it guys) and this past weekend I traveled to Frankfort, Kentucky for the Kentucky Book Fair. Had a great time. Got to meet Silas House, a great Kentucky author and a good ole country boy. Also met and spoke with Will Lavander and Derek Nikitas (couple more cool SOB's). And I'm damn tired. I'd like to thank everyone thus far that I've met and who've been so damn supportive of me and my work. Most of all thanks to my lovely wife Jenn, you've been very understanding and supportive through every step of this madness. And it looks like there's still more juice in the pipeline.


  1. Getting around! Good for you Frank. The pics look great.
    Elaine Ash

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying your success. That's not always the case.

  3. Alicia framed the pictures you and Jenn sent us (along with a few others) and they're hanging above my desk now.

    You're a busy, MF'er, brother

  4. I see many photos of Keith Rawson in there. He's an handsome devil.

    You're working overtime Frank. Good to see you keeping busy and promoting that very good book of yours.

  5. Huugeee fan of the book! All my friends here in oregon are reading it now. It was nearly sold out at the biggest bookstore in portland! Congrats and please keep writing!!!